Written by Nur Atiqah Bt Khairudin.

Second leg here we come! I have been losing track of the days ever since we left for Terengganu.  After we came back, I only had a day to spend with my family before I left for my best friend’s bachelorette in Bali. 

Now just one more day again with the family, we have now made our way to Perak.

On the departure day, I accompanied my mother to the hospital to receive the results of her CT Scan. Since most of the doctors were away for Hari Raya Haji, we had to wait for hours. As a result, Etty asked the first team - Sopek, Nini, Balqis & Danny to leave first. Meanwhile, Ajiim, Etty, Fathul and I left around 2pm.

Cruising through the North South Highway made me reminisce over my Diploma days in Penang many years ago. I always insisted that my mom send me money for my bus ticket back to KL every two weeks. The highway looked so different now. More vibrant and beautiful. I guess when you fly over nature, you tend to appreciate it and the landscape more and more.

Once we arrived in Perak, we went straight to Tenby School located in Ipoh. Met up Mr Foo, who replaced Ms Samantha, who has been liaising with Balqis and I. We did the site recce and promptly decided on the anchoring points and meeting time for the next day.

The school had a one way entry with strict security. It also offers many other facilities for its students.

We had Indian Cuisine for dinner at the Anderson Club. 


Great service, reasonable price & squeaky clean! I had to use my hand to eat the Garlic Butter Naan, Butter Chicken, Mutton Massala so the smell lingered on for 3 days. Not kidding.