Written by Junita Hood

September 10, 2016

Estimated time of departure was 8am. For the first time, the pilots woke up late. How could you not? Izzati came back from the US four hours before the first Life On Air expedition, and before you know it she’s already ten days into the tour. I think she never got the chance to experience her jet lag. Maybe the woman is made out of steel. The general consensus say that she might be an alien being. Who knows? 

And Atiqah? Well she was streamlining every little detail of the expedition. From getting the sponsors, recruiting the people and literally just doing what it takes to get everything done in time. 

Whatever it is, we all admire and respect their work ethics, dedication and passion towards everything. 

Even the crews; 

Amira who has been busting in the office, finishing all the necessary artwork, Nazhiim and Hanini making sure that production will go on well and of course the strength from Safiq and Akmal is unbeatable.

I am Q. The Quartermaster of the trip, making sure whatever is not in the other’s jobscope is sorted out so they don’t have to think about it. It’s not much, and they can definitely do without me, but I suppose it is nice to have someone fuss around after such a hectic morning. 

We all have desk jobs. Maybe that’s why we relish the opportunity to be outdoors and exert our physical energy. It is what makes us feel alive. It’s our work / life balance. 

The trip came to an end after having breakfast at Hoi Yin. I told them, this is the rite of passage for everyone who enters Kuantan. Once you’ve tasted their curry mee, you don’t even bother eating anywhere else. 

The journey back home was a quick one, as we were on the opposite side of the massive festive season jam! Clearly, nobody from our team wanted to be in a bottleneck that started from Bentong all the way to Melawati! We arrived at the office, loaded the trucks for tomorrow’s commercial balloon flights and went home to our families.

Personally, I think the trip went on great. Despite of all the hurdle we had to go through before and during the tour, it still seems surreal that the conversation which started on a rooftop is now well on its way. 

Atiqah was right. If you want your dreams to come true, start your to do list