After a year of dilly-dally, we are confident now to fight through the obstacles in having the balloon expedition in Borneo. This is a total different ball game because in Peninsular, we only needed the support of 4x4 and hotels to make it happen.

Since Borneo is you know, just 1,580 km away from Kuala Lumpur and South China Sea being just in between us, we need to find more fund to transport our glamorous balloon over and our team of 8 there. 

Umadx, specifically Fadzli has been nothing but very supportive of our mission. They invited us to showcase our expedition on their crowdfund platform. Over three months, we finally managed to put up our profile there. You can check it out here. The duration will be for 90 days. 

Whats going to be different this time around? 

We realised after Peninsular edition, the support and emotions involved in making it happen was very overwhelming. And we aim to make the impact stronger. So we discussed time and time again, and we decided to join hands with corporate partners and individuals to raise donation for the schools we are visiting. 

So now, we dont just go to the school and conduct our workshop, make them happy for only that time being. Instead, we are conducting a survey for the students after the workshop, and let them voice out what type of support does the school need. 

From the fund that we raised, we can divide equally to all the eight schools and help them achieve what they want. We can leave our mark there from all our supporting friends and partners. It doesnt have to be a lot, just small steps along the way, until it is strong enough, we can aim bigger and higher. I believe in progress. This expedition is a journey on its own. Let's take our time to focus on our true intentions and let it guide us to shape ourselves for the future.