How time flies. And yet, we still havent secured any monetary partners. It is more difficult than i imagined. The former plan, we wanted to make sure we could reduce our cost so we approach partners that were only relevant. Like 4x4, LPG & Diesel, Hotels & logistics companies. But the progress is too slow and none has given positive feedback. 

So Plan B - which we just started last week, Faiz and I will each send the proposal to 10 companies, a day. A week, 100 companies will learn about us, and worst case, 1 would reply. 

Rejection is teaching us to find other opportunity. We need to persevere. And keep modifying our method until we find it. 

Amidst the stormy weather, we bound to have rainbow. Faiz has been consistent in putting up motivational quote on our facebook. Recently, a lady named Erna, from Sabah showed interest.

I was flabbergasted to know a stranger can show this much interest. And how from this to meeting them up in KL in their hotel room for 2 hours seemed so bizarre, but it happened. They showed their interest in wanting hot air ballooning business in Sabah and the good intention of helping us out however they can. 

Thank you Erna & Azizul for going that extra mile to show your support. Its pushing me to work harder to make this happen.