Four days will be spent at each city. The first and last day will be arrival and departure. The vital activities will be conducted on the second and third day. 

The idea sparked when both me and my sister was doing our pilot license in Spain. On weekends, we used to follow our instructor, Angel Aguirre to different parts of Catalonia to fly their commercial passengers, Kon Tiki. 

From there we saw different terrain and landscape. I was sure our soil offers more exotic places. Then we began drafting out our plans and costing, soon enough, we sent our proposal to companies for our first season, Peninsular Edition. The moment Ford Ranger confirmed their partnership, we started packing our stuff. Milo also followed our journey by providing complimentary drinks to all the schools we visited. Im4u.fm spread our balloon fever through radio broadcast and Ultron provided microdry jersey for easy road traveling apparel. Forever grateful to these partners that first believed in our crazy dream. 

day 2

Our main focus is to educate and create awareness for school children to know the existence of hot air ballooning in Malaysia. In return, we would also talk to the students on how to improve the school facilities.

6.30 AM Arrival at designated rural school

7.00 AM Inflate hot air balloon 

7.30 AM Conduct Balloon Workshop

8.00 AM Q&A & Photo Opp with students & teachers

8.15 AM Opportunity for students to learn to pack balloon

8.15 AM Mingle with students & Questionnaire on school facilities

9.00 AM Breakfast & Depart


Day 3

The idea of hosting Life On Air began because of our crave to explore more beautiful places in our country from bird's eye view. Coming from Kuala Lumpur, we will need the help of Local Heroes to explain to us about the city we are flying over.

We will be taking off from sunrise to over an hour flying to wherever the wind takes us with DCA approval and Local Hero as our flying guide. 

your help

Our aim is to cover our cost and to create fund for the rural schools we visit. Doesnt matter the value, each dollar counts in making the students' lives better.

As for now, we are collaborating with Umadx, a crowdfunding platform for us to generate fund. If you feel that this expedition could help make the students smile, we would appreciate your kind support.